New in store: Mirasol Farm Organic lotion and calendula cream, 5 different scents: Rosemary-mint, cedarwood-cypress, gardener’s(floral-musky), lemon-chamomile, and mother earth (patchouli/sandalwoodsy).

I know I am always all stoked on everything organic-handmade-beautiful-amazing and I’m all yayayay about everything-BUT I really do feel speechless about this organic lotion, handmade by two women I met this summer in Michigan. It is seriously the most amazing smelling lotion I’ve ever tried, and it’s not greasy. Each scent has a strong, solid personality and is true to the simple ingredients. I can tell they use really high quality oils and essences to create these.

An awesome side effect: I wear the lavender-chamomile cream at night and it helps me fall asleep.

You have to try it on!

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