Oh #Oregon.

07.03.14 @ 20:40

Hello, Fall.Going to miss my Oregon summer….a memory of recent Campin’ treats: Cheeses I wrapped with wild Mt.Hood blueberries, Doug Fir pollen, St. John’s Wort, Oregon Grape & Epilobium angustifolia leaves ( AKA the PNW’s ubiquitous Fireweed )

10.03.13 @ 19:175

Gifts I am taking from the shop to give to people we stay with in Europe#2: polished Oregon agates,$8 each

04.06.12 @ 12:14

Now in the shop: freshly made Oregon beeswax candles.
Pyramids, spheres, votives, pinecones

10.20.11 @ 23:206

in the apothecary now: 3 new sword+fern organic lip balm flavors:
summer’s end/margaritas on the bluffs;
oregon jade/green garden herbs;
rose quartz/flowers in full bloom.
handmade with oregon beeswax,organic pumpkin seed, rosehip seed, & calendula infused olive oils, vitamin e, and essential oils.

08.30.11 @ 14:0212