The shelves are stocked with late summer’s last moments. Freshly harvested sweet grass-white sage - cedar, new grouping of one of a kind teacups from shinotakeda, and new jewelry from native line. 

09.12.13 @ 14:224

C OM IN G   S O O N:  drapey, breezy tops+dresses from L.A. designer Weltenbuerger:  ””W/// by Weltenbuerger” is a continuous collection … W// by Weltenbuerger is functional, inspired by the idea of offering fashion tools and building blocks. We like to keep it conceptual, minimal and basic …  yet many pieces can be worn in multiple way, giving the customer options for whatever their mood; for example, a button shirt transforming into a dress. Our fabric choices serve as the foundation to W///. You will see unusual fabrics like bemberg and ribbed tencel as well as linen with metallic thread, fine fabrics and juxtaposed materials.”
These garments are gorgeous and special. The name of the line, WELTENBUERGER translates as ‘World Citizen’.. very ancient futurist and minimal..reminds me of Star Trek Next Generation meets high fashion monk in the desert mountains vibe. Looking forward to receiving these pieces directly from their L.A. shop/showroom/design studio soon!

07.15.13 @ 15:041

Adding new summer beauties to the website today..

06.20.13 @ 17:181

Waiting on the edge of our waterfalls for all the new Ali G. pieces on their sweet way to us soon.

03.25.13 @ 21:552

C O M I N G   S O O N : The Gentlewoman, Fabulous Women’s Magazine.. One of the best gifts I can think of for Spring.YESYESYES

03.20.13 @ 12:3013