shape and color studies for a new jewelry project.

04.12.14 @ 15:592

Incense Blends, Lip Balm, and All Purpose Balms by Sword+Fern Apothecary. Organic, natural, and wildcrafted in the Pacific Northwest since 1999.

12.13.13 @ 13:38

Sneaking a peek at some of our  #apothecary ‘s offerings: #Botanical body care from Fig +Yarrow; #vegan essentials from Herbivore; lavender essential oil from Nice, France; Captain Blankenship #natural perfumes; #organic lip care by S+F.

06.14.13 @ 13:591

Open 12 to 5 today, come sniff new Captain Blankenship organic fragrances with me..
“Put them on your skin and let them grow”
This mantra encapsulates the delicate, wildcrafted energy behind Captain Blankenship, a line of spellbinding organic fragrance from San Francisco’s Jana Blankenship. Scent feels personal, even sentimental, right? We wear it on our skin: on our throats, wrists, over our hearts. This intimate relationship to scent seems to be an essential component in Jana’s craft.
Her olfactory powers first surfaced as a child when she began to mix her mother’s perfumes. An allergy to synthetic scents coupled with a life spent in the wilds of central California  evolved Captain Blankenship. Mixed with gluten-free organic grape alcohol base and wholly natural & local ingredients, her line offers concoctions like the woodsy, dark Wolf Moon (inspired by the winter moon) and Phosphorescent, a citrus and salt blend that harkens back to warm summer evenings spent by the sea.
Sword + Fern is charmed to exclusively purvey Captain Blankenship in Portland. Come mingle with one (or more) of the six scents and see how the dynamic scents brew with your skin. —EH

07.08.12 @ 09:291

New in the apothecary: fresh Sword+Fern Organic Lip Care re-stock, and a new flavor: Gold Fir. Like a walk in an ancient alpine forest..warming and bright, with ginger and balsam fir.$6.

04.06.12 @ 14:50

New in the apothecary: All Purpose Healing Balm. $9. Easy Mind, Strong Heart, & Forest View

04.06.12 @ 14:48

New lip care:Gold Fir.Tastes like a walk in an ancient alpine forest. $6, in a reusable metal sliding tin.

04.06.12 @ 12:104

Lots of new amazing additions to the Apothecary are on their way to the store in the coming weeks:
-Gluten-free organic tincture, salve, and body oils hand made by Wishbone Medicinals in Portland; 
-             Sweet Birch Balm, St. John’s Wort Balm, Lavender Butter and Wild Rose solid perfume from Phoenix Organic Botanicals of Brooklyn,
-Organic chamomile/lavender calendula cream from Mirasol Farms of Wisconsin,
-Deep Fall flavors of S+F lip care on the way: cocoa rose, chocolate mint, ginger orange….

10.01.11 @ 17:028

in the apothecary now: 3 new sword+fern organic lip balm flavors:
summer’s end/margaritas on the bluffs;
oregon jade/green garden herbs;
rose quartz/flowers in full bloom.
handmade with oregon beeswax,organic pumpkin seed, rosehip seed, & calendula infused olive oils, vitamin e, and essential oils.

08.30.11 @ 14:0212