Posting my commemorative 5-year anniversary #wildcrafting tote design from 2013 specifically for my 75 year old basketry teacher (she belongs to the #ColumbiaBasinBasketryGuild) who giggled when I told her I “made up my own societies to appreciate the local nature.” Putting the tote up on the webshop soon- it’s still available and only $15!

07.28.14 @ 15:14

Incense Blends, Lip Balm, and All Purpose Balms by Sword+Fern Apothecary. Organic, natural, and wildcrafted in the Pacific Northwest since 1999.

12.13.13 @ 13:38

Hello, Fall.Going to miss my Oregon summer….a memory of recent Campin’ treats: Cheeses I wrapped with wild Mt.Hood blueberries, Doug Fir pollen, St. John’s Wort, Oregon Grape & Epilobium angustifolia leaves ( AKA the PNW’s ubiquitous Fireweed )

10.03.13 @ 19:175

Nettle time is upon us! Get yourself to any Pacific Northwest woodland area and harvest the goods.. As a rule of thumb for sustainable wildcrafting and herb gathering, never deplete an entire stand of plants,(walk several yards to gather a bit from each stand), and only harvest the aerial (above ground) parts. Stinging Nettle/Urtica dioca is chock full of vitamins A, B and C, as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc: it strengthens your immune system, fights against allergies, and relieves PMS, among many other helpful traits- all for free! Wildcrafting and eating wild plants is anti-capitalist and self-loving. Lemme know if you want help with your harvest!

03.21.13 @ 20:549

making pizza with freshly harvested island nettles.. #witchlife #wildcrafting  (at The Isle Of Wonders)

03.17.13 @ 20:003

Chickweed and dandelion greens for dinner 

07.07.12 @ 17:393